Quality Kitchen Designs In Northampton

Your kitchen is without a doubt the center of attention in the space you live in, a central point that attracts family, friends and on occasion your guests. Our kitchen plays a massive role in all our lives. May it be for preparing meals, entertaining guests or a place for family entertainment this is the place that should look unsurpassed in all aspects of design, lifestyle and above all hygiene.

There are a number of reasons for deciding to get a new look in your kitchen area that do not pertain to functionality or aesthetic appeal. A kitchen design of poor quality would rarely have a welcoming effect to one’s home; in fact, it could have the opposite effect. Designing a personalized kitchen can be a formidable task to take on. Deciding on how to best allocate the available space and what type of finishes to use to achieve the look you are going for can be challenging. Despite having the freedom to bring your dream kitchen to life, you can be stranded, not sure where to begin. We at Saturn Interiors understand that when planning for a kitchen, it is the refined touches that create a kitchen that not only appeals to the eye but is functional too. Here is why you should choose Saturn to help bring your dream kitchen to life.

How To Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

  • High quality kitchen design – Starting with a free consultation, we take your ideas and using state of the art 3D software, we provide a 3D graphic mock-up of the proposed design at absolutely no cost. This is then sent to you by post, electronically or by booking an appointment to discuss at our showrooms or at your home.
  • No time wasted – After expressing interest in our services, we contact you and book an appointment to come visit our showrooms. There we talk you through our vast range of range of colors and designs that can comfortably fit within your budget. We will then make an appointment to visit your home to carry out a complete site survey, affording you an opportunity to discuss areas of your current kitchen that may need extra consideration.
  • Experienced and friendly team – With over thirty-five years’ experience in the interior design industry, across Northampton and the United Kingdom, we know that when it comes to your kitchen you do not want to compromise on quality and aesthetics. We are proudly British and our friendly experts do the final installation.
  • Budget friendly – Other than functionality and aesthetic appeal, there are many other motives behind getting a new kitchen; financially, it could also be a sensible move too. Not many companies in the industry can offer you such a robust range of fully fitted kitchens to choose from at such a fair price. With us, you do not have to choose between going hard or going home, you can have it all. Depending on your budget, we can make your dream kitchen a reality; be it an expensive idea or a simple updated kitchen that is cheap yet effective.
  • Assured quality – Using only the best timber nature has to offer in our handcrafted fittings created in our factory, we ensure that the quality of your kitchen is unsurpassed. Giving your kitchen that sophisticated look while staying well within your budget.
  • Only the best there is – Whether you prefer a more old-fashioned kitchen style, that radiates friendliness and coziness or a contemporary kitchen with supremely crafted aesthetics, we got you covered. Flooring, tiling, building and electrical works are all included in our kitchen installation services to ensure minimum expense without conceding quality and aesthetics.

Beautiful kitchen design


If you are in the market for a new kitchen, there are a number of key factors to think about to ensure your new kitchen is up to standard, after all the new kitchen could well be the best investment in your house, so it has to be perfect. Is this space sufficient for cooking and entertaining? What look are you going for? Sleek and modern or traditional and homey? What finishing elements to use for worktops or storage units?

Designing a bespoke kitchen does not have to be a daunting experience any more, at Saturn Interiors, they can help you every step of the way and you can start here. With our experience in creating kitchen spaces, we can help you meet all your needs while staying well within your budget ensuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality. Without a doubt, this is the best way to transform your kitchen to the level and standard you desire.